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  • sean - Friday 5 November 2021 05:51
    There is some pretty unique history in the box: signatures from original band (one has since passed away), signatures from the solo band (again, another member passed away) and a shirt from the last tour the band played before breaking up a few months later.

    I didn't wear any of it because of random stains, weird sizing (many were XL's!) or wanting to preserve the shirt. If accusations weren't raised against MG I may still have these, but I wouldn't be wearing them anyway. I also like to purge items that take up space. So it's bittersweet to see them go but at least they will be with someone who appreciates MG/B history.
  • Gordon - Wednesday 3 November 2021 14:18
  • sean - Monday 1 November 2021 15:12
    You’re not wrong but that penalty was garbage too. I was stick checking an opponent in the defensive zone and was called because I curled my blade over their blade. Had I kept my blade flat it would have been fine.

    The team scored a few SHG’s, so my penalty was a benefit.
  • Gordon - Sunday 31 October 2021 13:12
    2 PIM kept you on the score sheet. 4-0 and you're gooning it up. I love it.
  • sean - Wednesday 15 September 2021 11:07
    I was going to say that I like that these chairs aren't documented for where they are exactly in a National Park, you just find them organically. But I fact checked myself and that's a lie, five Red Chairs in Waterton are on the website: Still, I like that these are a thing and appreciate the views they are set up with.
  • Gordon - Monday 13 September 2021 06:17
    I always enjoy the spots they chose to put the red National Park chairs.
  • sean - Monday 29 June 2020 11:36
    It's fun, and they never really acknowledged the cut corners, it was just a completely normal thing.
  • Gordo - Friday 26 June 2020 07:19
    I had forgotten about the in-universe trope where all BSG paper had the corners cut off.
  • sean - Thursday 13 February 2020 15:00
    Oh yeah! We prepare our grocery list on paper too. For some things it's just easier to have pen and paper.
  • Gordo - Tuesday 11 February 2020 11:28
    Paper? What is this, the dark ages?